Howard Stern: The Man Who Changed Radio

He has interviewed thousands of celebrities, including Eminem, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys… Anything remotely interesting falls within his purview. Starting with rock-n-roll, he invited porn stars, rappers, Vietnam war veterans, George Bush (who didn’t show up), writers, and God knows who else into his studio. He is considered a bastard, a genius, Mickey Mouse, the

7 Key Facts About Broadcasting in the USA

7 Key Facts About Broadcasting in the USA

The Pew Research Center conducted an analysis of the state of broadcasting in the USA to provide information about the listening audience, radio journalism, and the radio industry as a whole in the United States. Here are 7 facts from the Pew Research Center’s analysis on the state of broadcasting in America. 1) About eight

The six myths about radio hosts

There is a belief that working in radio is something of a cross between a hobby and a side job, as well as an easy path to fame and big money. Today, we will debunk the myths about being a radio host. Myth 1: Radio hosts read from a script It is believed that, for

“Private Parts” (1997): The Story of a Scandalous DJ

Well, first of all, the film has nothing to do with body parts. Its original title is “Private Parts”, which I personally would translate as “Intimate Details”. So, meet one of my favorite American films – “Private Parts”! This film is a paradox, just like its main character! Howard Stern – one of the most

Internet Radio Control Panel

Our main development is a powerful Internet Radio Control Panel that has been continuously evolving since 2006. The panel is compatible with all major broadcasting software (RadioBoss, Sam Broadcaster, Winamp, Nicecast, and others), and also allows broadcasting in automatic mode from the server without using broadcasting software and your computer. For this purpose, it includes

One of the key elements of a good show is an interview with a guest

What criteria should a guest, a star, or a newsmaker meet when you’re expecting them on your program? How do you avoid making a mistake in your choice, especially if the show is live? The main idea is that a guest comes to the studio not to rest on their laurels and listen to compliments

Sounds on Air: When Radio Truly Annoys

Sound engineers with the best of intentions are breaking communication with the listener by designing the broadcast The desire for a unity of broadcast elements, the urge to maximize the visualization of ideas in clips and live broadcasts compel sound producers of radio stations to experiment with noises. Is the use of unpleasant life sounds

Howard Stern – a radio legend

Howard Stern is either adored or despised, but in both cases, people listen. Why? The most common answer given by New Yorkers is, “It’s insanely interesting to hear what he’ll say next.” (By the way, when was the last time you couldn’t tear yourself away from the radio just because of a DJ???) At the

20 Ways to Make Your Show Interesting

The life of a radio host is very dynamic: music, emotions, new acquaintances. But on the other hand, a music radio station is a real assembly line that cannot be stopped for a minute. “The show must go on no matter the weather!” This means that weekdays force the radio host to endlessly relive “Groundhog

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