Howard Stern – a radio legend

Howard Stern is either adored or despised, but in both cases, people listen. Why? The most common answer given by New Yorkers is, “It’s insanely interesting to hear what he’ll say next.” (By the way, when was the last time you couldn’t tear yourself away from the radio just because of a DJ???) At the beginning of his career, absolutely no one believed in Howard. His parents laughed when they found out their lanky, shy son wanted to work on-air, and program directors pointed out his lack of radio demeanor and a good voice. Everything was against him, but Stern kept going his own way without turning back. So, are you still doubting that you can make it on the radio? Read on. In his desire to turn his dream into reality, Howard tried dozens of secondary, musty stations that nobody was interested in, invented guests, took on different roles, and then realized: you have to be yourself on-air. And there it is…… now you understand why you switch the station when you hear the sweet, mannered notes of a male voice and stay tuned when you’re not treated as insane and people talk to you normally, sincerely, without all the pretense. The beauty of being natural is that you, as a DJ, immediately stand out among other radio hosts, who are brainwashed by program directors and squeezed into a format. You are unique, and that’s what you need to sell on the radio. Howard Stern managed to do just that! The secret behind Howard Stern’s wild popularity.

Surprisingly, the secret to the success of this iconic radio host is incredibly simple. I’ll tell you the secret, but be warned – you probably won’t want to apply it, so it’s better to explore yourself and offer your world to the radio, believe me: it will find it interesting. So, here’s HOWARD STERN’S SECRET TO SUCCESS:

  1. Shocking honesty and utmost transparency with the listener (Howard tells his listeners EVERYTHING happening in his life, even very intimate details).
  2. A complete lack of stereotypes about how to work on the radio (Howard did everything on-air: he insulted management, used swear words, played drums, called his boss’s wife to ask her personal questions, well, you get the idea……).
  3. No taboo topics and the sexual orientation of all shows (Howard was truly an innovator in this regard: he was the first to openly talk about sex, not academically, but in language understandable to the listener; he was the first to test sex toys live on-air, strip porn stars in the studio……. I think that’s enough).

A movie with Howard Stern

The movie “Private Parts” shocks and evokes a plethora of emotions. Howard does incredible things in the radio studio, and if you are a radio host or want to become one, you simply must watch this movie.

“Private Parts” was filmed in ’97, based on the DJ’s autobiographical book, with Howard himself playing the lead role.

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