Howard Stern: The Man Who Changed Radio

He has interviewed thousands of celebrities, including Eminem, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys… Anything remotely interesting falls within his purview. Starting with rock-n-roll, he invited porn stars, rappers, Vietnam war veterans, George Bush (who didn’t show up), writers, and God knows who else into his studio. He is considered a bastard, a genius, Mickey Mouse, the Antichrist, and the most truthful radio host of all time.

If your plane crashed on a deserted island and you survived, would you be able to eat the bodies of dead passengers?

What’s the biggest penis you’ve ever seen in your life?

Which Jews are better – circumcised or not?

Answer! Howard Stern on air!

When this happens, conservative “righteous” citizens spit bile and say that the Lord has indeed left planet Earth.

Those who adore Stern listen to his broadcasts for forty minutes a day. Those who hate him – an hour and a half.

And it’s not just about the banal label of “scandalous scandalist” that the American press pins on Howard Stern. It’s not about his flamboyance, scandalous nature, rudeness, or swearing. It’s not about external forms. It’s about something more significant. It’s about the genius journalist Howard Stern, who was able to break into the U.S. information space and give it an enema, bringing something new. When America woke up with Howard Stern, it was no longer the same America… Things changed…

Howard – the Beginning

“I never listened to music. In my childhood, I always listened to talk shows. My dream was to come to a rock-n-roll station and start talking on the air.”

Howard Stern came into our world on January 14, 1954, in New York on Long Island. He was lucky with his father, for it was Ben Stern – a hardworking radio engineer – who instilled a love of radio in his son. It wouldn’t be long before Ben had his own studio, where Howard would spend entire days transforming into fictional characters and hosting “shows”. Of course, these weren’t THE shows yet, but it was in his father’s studio that something real awakened in the boy. Inside Howard, Howard woke up.

The Hour of the Talkative Doughnut King

“When I’m on the air, I can be exactly who I am and say exactly what I feel. In real life, I play some role, but I can come on the radio and be who I really am.”

The seed from his father and his own talent sprouted during his “service” at Boston University majoring in “Mass Communication”. Howard and his friends created the first serious radio program for students, “The Hour of the Talkative Doughnut King”. Essentially, the program was a parody of the popular show at the time, “The Hour of the King of Biscuit Flour”. It lasted exactly one episode. However, that was understandable, since even then Howard’s vocal pen began to be felt in rather flamboyant segments. The segment “Name Your Sin”, which required callers to talk about the most terrible deeds of their lives, upset the university administration so much that rumors of Stern’s expulsion from alma mater began to spread. It didn’t happen. The show was shut down, but the fountain of ideas could no longer be stopped. Howard “built up his biceps”.

Milestones of Glorious Paths

After obtaining a “bachelor’s” degree, Howard got a job at a small New York radio company, where he performed grunt work for $4 an hour. Then came Hartford, Detroit. Small jobs, excitement at the microphone, support from his wife… This period was defining. The last unrestrained chaos before a global leap.

In 1982 Howard Stern caused a scandal in the daytime broadcast of the major company WNBC. The entire management was in a pre-infarct state. The segment “The Most Bastardly Call of the Day” was the final straw. Howard was fired. “But they didn’t mold our Siberian guys out of shit!”

The company WXRK bet on the young genius, giving Howard complete freedom of action.

Result: every episode of “The Howard Stern Show” gathers 25 million people…

Side Projects

Howard’s creative potential was not only revealed within the radio airwaves. In addition to that, Stern hosts several equally brazen shows on television, releases a video version of his program, writes books (“Private Parts”, “Miss America”), and improvises on the music stage. In 1997, he played himself in the film “Private Parts”. After that, he distanced himself from cinema, as he was offered nothing but loser roles…

Among the projects is also the strange phenomenon of Fartman (more details: This is something like a fictional character of Stern’s… A kind of Superman with a bare ass…

Society Against Howard Stern

“…time frees itself from the oppression of social taboos and life’s conventions.”

Every action causes a reaction. Especially when it comes to Howard Stern. All across America, there are thousands of organizations eager to overthrow the king of the airwaves.

Howard Stern doesn’t give the Catholic Church peace. Once, a famous porn star, Rebecca Lord, kneeling at Stern’s, complained that the Catholic Church condemns her work. Howard immediately accused the church of corrupting boys on live air, which caused unprecedented streams of angry saliva towards him.

Public organizations like the committee of outraged mothers and the human rights society continuously send petitions to the American television and radio committee.

In 1986, a lawsuit for $6,000 sparked a series of other attacks against Howard Stern and his “mother” company, Infinity Broadcasting. The $6,000 for immoral behavior eventually jumped to one and a half million dollars.

Despite all this public grumbling, Howard Stern continues to remain the most popular radio host in the country, earning $30 million a year.

The contract between Howard Stern and Infinity Broadcasting is valued at $90 million.

Howard Stern’s programs are broadcast by more than 40 radio companies across America.

In 1994, he proclaimed himself “King of All Media” and ran for governor of New York State as a candidate from the Liberal Party. He received 18% of the votes and withdrew his candidacy… Out of modesty.

For more than 20 years, Howard Stern continues to lead in American ratings under the label “best radio host in the USA”.

Howard and his Competitors

Attempts to dethrone Howard Stern are like mouse squabbles. Everyone from El G to Jay and Silent Bob has tried to take the place of the King. But, as the vocalist of the band Markscheider Kunst correctly noted on another occasion: “A band is either The Beatles or not.” Stern was the first. Stern is The Beatles, and talking about “overthrowing” the King, who has ruled for twenty years, is at least naive.

Howard and His Family

“I say: honey, these are just words. It’s a game. It’s research.”

If you put together all of Howard Stern’s statements about his wife Alison, you’ll see a picture: a limited, jealous bitch with bourgeois views and shallow thinking.

In almost every radio broadcast, Howard virtually raped his wife, and an ordinary listener might think that Stern’s family life was hell, full of Satanic vandalism over personality. But… when the microphone was turned off, Howard transformed into a model family man.

Howard Stern has three daughters. Alison did eventually divorce him after 20 years (!!!) of marriage, but to this day she continues to say in her interviews that Howard was a tender and caring husband…

Howard – Phenomenon and Event

“I’m not some shocking comedian. I just talk the way people talk in real life, like at a bar.”

Radio broadcasts by Stern should be seen as a huge canvas of improvisations, on which one person unfolds entire battles, twisting the essence of the discussed problem under a specific angle.

Howard is not like a bastard for whom flamboyance and rudeness exist only for flamboyance and rudeness. Rather, these are just components of his toolkit. In other respects, Howard Stern is the voice of shame of millions. He says what most are afraid to say, and here he does not mince words.

Howard Stern is interesting not primarily for his questions in the style of “Would you like to sleep with Christ?”, but for his ability to balance on the cords of fire. His ability not to cross the line between journalism and informational hooliganism.

Stern created an absolutely new style of entertainment journalism, breaking established canons and bringing a revolution to the ranks of American media. Howard Stern is the father of American postmodernism in the field of mass communication.

And if you rise above all this even higher, the result will be unequivocal: Howard Stern is not a stupid clown with a clitoris instead of a brain. Stern is truly a great journalist who has helped journalism become freer. And this is already a contribution to the most important thing that humanity has…

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