One of the key elements of a good show is an interview with a guest

What criteria should a guest, a star, or a newsmaker meet when you’re expecting them on your program? How do you avoid making a mistake in your choice, especially if the show is live?

The main idea is that a guest comes to the studio not to rest on their laurels and listen to compliments about themselves. A good guest helps make the show. The star in your broadcast is not just “in shock,” but works together with you!

If you invite passive guests to the radio station who do not care about your interests or promote you, you do not value your airtime and foolishly give it away for nothing. You are professionals, which means you should be surrounded by good partners.

“Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours!” The rule of the public bath is a fitting illustration of working with guests. They need PR to then sell their publicity at a higher price. That is, stars need your audience to later make money off it (goods, services, tickets, books, etc.). You need their fame (media presence) to enhance the status of the radio station in the eyes of the listeners and to earn more money from advertising. You are very much in need of each other. And it cannot be said who needs whom more. Each participant in this “deal” benefits, so love the stars, value the relationships, but do not let yourself be used.

Let’s repeat it again. The star works for the radio station.

10 Signs of a Good Radio Guest:

  1. Articulate;
  2. Knowledgeable about the topic;
  3. Available;
  4. Shares responsibility for the outcome;
  5. Arrives early;
  6. Prepares for the broadcast;
  7. Reacts friendly to changes in the broadcast situation;
  8. Respects your work;
  9. Adheres to the laws of radio;
  10. Grateful for the collaboration.

Before inviting a famous person to the show, assess their status, popularity, and charisma, and then select the best of the best based on the proposed criteria.

Good luck with your show!

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