“Private Parts” (1997): The Story of a Scandalous DJ

Well, first of all, the film has nothing to do with body parts. Its original title is “Private Parts”, which I personally would translate as “Intimate Details”.

So, meet one of my favorite American films – “Private Parts”!

This film is a paradox, just like its main character! Howard Stern – one of the most popular radio DJs in the USA – and the film tells the story of his life. In the lead role, as you might guess, Howard himself starred.

The film tells the story of how, by shocking the public and constantly being at the center of various scandals, Howard still achieved success and earned widespread recognition and love. And he achieved everything not so much because of the scandals, but because of his human qualities: kindness, openness of soul, loyalty to his wife, and loyalty to his friends.

To me, the film’s style personally reminds me of “Forrest Gump”. Some might say: “Are you out of your mind?! How can you even compare this vulgarity to ‘Forrest Gump’?!” Well, okay!!! Let it not be “Forrest Gump”, but rather “Vulgar Forrest Gump”!

I could provide a couple of examples from the film to pique potential viewers’ interest, but I’m afraid that the platform might not appreciate them. Yes, the film is not one to watch with the whole family, to prevent children from picking up new words and asking awkward questions. Moreover, body parts do indeed make an appearance in the film, predominantly female ones.

Yet, this film cannot be simply categorized as toilet humor; it’s something more. Toilet humor is “Dumb and Dumber,” whereas the humor here is more mischievous.

I know many people who absolutely loved the film. But my daughter, for instance, watched half of it, spat out, said, “What is this crap?” and turned it off, so I can’t guarantee anything to anyone! But it’s definitely worth giving a try!

I tried watching it with a professional dub – didn’t enjoy it. So, I show my friends that very version I originally loved, with a voice-over translation. I can’t assert whose translation it is specifically, but if you hear the phrase: “Fartman, love you, dude!” at the beginning of the film – that’s the one)))

Enjoy watching, I hope you’ll like the film as much as I did!

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