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Many of us remember radios from our childhood, how we traveled through the waves in search of other countries and mentally transported ourselves there. This warm memory from the past has forever left us with only fond memories. But time does not stand still, we grow up, start families, age – everything changes. Broadcasting has changed as well; today, it has taken on a digital format, but it has not ceased to be relevant among millions of people around the world. Broadcasting is now increasingly done over the internet.

Radio, as before, brings us the most interesting news and weather forecasts for each day, and of course, we listen to the best music from it. A distinctive aspect of modern internet broadcasting is that we can listen to online radio by choosing from thousands of stations from around the world. It will work wherever there is internet, and distances no longer matter. Another positive aspect is that all this is provided to listeners absolutely free of charge. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and our favorite radio stations will always bring us the mood of the world.

Just as then, many years ago, and today we can relax and dive into an exciting journey through the waves of the ether. Our site will help make this a reality, as it is made with love for radio and considering the needs of our visitors.

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